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Popular locations for the best car hire in Cyprus

With around 30 companies operating at 16 airport/downtown pick-up stations, the best car rental in Cyprus is waiting for you to explore the wonders of the charming island nation. Progressive economic standards allowed it to enter the European Union, although the northern part of the island is actually under Turkish rule.

Despite some political uncertainties in the past, Cyprus is now an impeccable destination for a leisurely road trip with a car hire. If you're planning such an experience, you can start from:

  • Larnaca International Airport [LCA]. Collecting a car hire at Cyprus Airport allows you to start at a convenient location, which gives you quick access to nearby Larnaca, plus Limassol and Nicosia, which are all within a 45-minute car drive.
  • Paphos Airport [PFO]. Opt for this pick-up station if you are staying in Paphos or want to reach Peyia, Acheleia, Kouklia, or the other resorts on the southwest coast. Plus, the well-connected road network in this area allows you to extend your route to the most remote and inaccessible places on the island.
  • Downtown locations. You might consider a car hire in Ayia Napa, Limassol, or Nicosia, whose surroundings are full of spectacular cultural highlights not accessible by bus. You can use your time more efficiently and avoid depending on public transportation schedules in Cyprus.

Road rules you should know

You should adhere to certain traffic rules to ensure a safe and smooth ride:

  • In Cyprus, the driving side is on the left and overtaking is on the right, which is a traffic rule that also applies in the UK.
  • Carrying third-party insurance is a must to drive legally, so check your coverage meticulously before you hit the road.
  • Secure kids under 12 years of age and up to 150 cm tall in an appropriately sized and fixed restraint system in the back/front seat. Children under 5 years old can only sit on the back bench.
  • Riding with dipped headlights turned on is mandatory between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.
  • Don’t beep near hospitals during the daytime, and between 10 pm and 6 pm in other populated areas to avoid a fine.
  • Take an alcohol-responsible approach and consider the maximum Cyprus drink-drive limit, which is 0.05% for all drivers regardless of age and experience.

Cheap car hire in Cyprus

The minimum Cyprus car rental price on is 10 EUR/8.6 GBP per day, which is equivalent to 69 EUR/58.9 GBP per week and approximately 300 EUR/256.7 GBP per month. Considering the cost of a single one-way bus trip 1.5 EUR (1.3 GBP) or a taxi 7.4 EUR (4.7 GBP + 1.68 GBP per kilometre), driving a hire car is a profitable investment. It allows drivers to reach more travel destinations in the same period.

One more benefit of driving a car in Cyprus is cheap fuel 1.47 EUR (around 1.2 GBP per litre), which ensures you won't spend extra money at the petrol station. Keep in mind that car hire rates can drop even further during low-demand periods.

from $10 per day
4 Adults, 2 Bags
Paphos - Airport
from $11 per day
4 Adults, 2 Bags
Larnaca - Airport
from $13 per day
5 Adults, 3 Bags
Paphos - Airport
from $19 per day
5 Adults, 3 Bags
Larnaca - Airport
from $29 per day
7 Adults, 2 Bags
Paphos - Airport
from $30 per day
5 Adults, 4 Bags
Paphos - Airport
from $70 per day
4 Adults, 3 Bags
Larnaca - Airport
from $82 per day
5 Adults, 4 Bags
Paphos - Airport
from $166 per day
Full Size
5 Adults, 4 Bags
Paphos - Airport

Cyprus car hire companies for your perfect experience

Cooperating with 30 international and local suppliers, is ready to provide the perfect deal for your long-awaited Cypriot adventure. If you don't know which provider to opt for, consider our travellers' top picks.

The first of them is Budget, which started its rent-a-car journey in 1958 and has since made phenomenal business achievements in the market. The company has 6 well-arranged ready/return locations and covers all chief airports on the island, including Paphos (PFO) and Larnaca (LCA). The next local agency worth considering is AIDA, known for its cost-effective Cyprus long-term rentals with a maximum duration of up to 28 days. Also, the company allows renters to tour the northern part of the island and has a driver-friendly age policy. Finally, Europcar complements the TOP-3 ranking and offers the widest territorial coverage in Cyprus. They have a 24-hour schedule at Larnaca and Paphos airports, and offer cheap optional extras starting from 5 EUR (4.2 GBP) per day for additional drivers.

The full list of companies is much broader - review it and click on the one you like for more information.

Compare Cypriot agencies

Make an informed decision and compare car hire in Cyprus according to the key parameters: the number of locations, minimum driver's age, and average deposit you should pay at the rental counter.

Company Number of locations Minimum driver’s age Average deposit


4 25 £858


6 30 £2570


6 25 £944


8 25 £257


6 25 £430-815


5 24 £858


3 25 £687-1288


2 36 £3000
Get Your Car

Get Your Car

2 25 £858

Popular models for hiring a car in Cyprus

Finding a perfect hire car in Cyprus depends on your specific purposes and personal preferences. For a family getaway, opt for a model from Ford, Skoda, or Audi, while Mercedes, Smart, and BMW have stylish yet compact convertibles for the ultimate open-air experience.

Hire a car in Cyprus: which class to choose?

If you're cruising the forested roads of northern Paphos, opt for open-top SUVs with 4WD and increased ground clearance. For coastal cruises along the beaches of Larnaca or Limassol, convertibles are the top-rated choice. At the same time, compact and mini models fit perfectly into culturally-inspired rides along the legendary streets of Nicosia.

Essential information for travellers exploring Cyprus by car

Whether you are looking forward to your first driving experience in Cyprus, or just seeking to brush up on important details, consider these essential driving rules:

  • Despite the island-based location, you can drive to Cyprus from the UK using ferry connections from Greece and Mainland Europe. For such a combined journey, carry your passport/ID card with you and check in on the ferry ride at least 24 hours before embarking.
  • Just a few motorways run between the main destinations on the island, and they're all toll-free!
  • Unleaded petrol and diesel are the only legal fuel options available in Cyprus, which can’t be said about LPG. Also, gas stations away from urban areas usually accept only cash, so have multiple payment methods on hand just in case.
  • The Republic of Cyprus and the northern Turkish-administered part of the island feature the west-east Green Line, which is a border. However, you don't have to look for cheap car hire in North Cyprus to explore that locality on wheels - just pick up your vehicle in Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia, or any other location, and cross the border at Agios Dometios. Note: for such a trip, you will likely need to purchase an additional insurance at the crossing point. It's crucial to clarify the coverage specifications with your car rental company, and ensure that they extend to both the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus.
  • Use gestures responsibly - for example, showing an outward palm ('moutza') to a driver or pedestrian is offensive.
  • In any emergency, call 112.

Age requirements for hiring a car in Cyprus

According to most companies' requirements, the minimum Cyprus hire car age is 21, plus you must have an EU, UK, or international driving licence with at least 3 years of experience. Keep in mind that drivers under 25 years old face an additional surcharge.

Car hire in Cyprus for over 70s

Hiring a car on the island for a driver over 70 years of age may incur a senior driver's fee. Still, some providers have a more flexible age policy, allowing even older people to drive without extra fees:

  • Thrifty - maximum age is 71 y.o.
  • Auto Union - maximum age is 72 y.o.
  • Enterprise, Payless, Alamo, Right Cars, and AERCAR - maximum age is 75 y.o.

If you are older, be prepared to pay a daily extra charge, which is typically equal to a young driver's fee. For example, Sixt charges 5.85 EUR/5 GBP per day for those aged 71 to 79 y.o. Carwiz includes 10 EUR/8.58 GBP per day (max 70 EUR/60 GBP per deal) in your receipt on top of the base price.

FAQ about renting a car in Cyprus

Do I need a visa for Cyprus with UK travel documentation?

When travelling to Cyprus from the UK, you don’t have to apply for a visa if you plan to stay there for no more than 90 days in a row.

How much to hire a car in Cyprus for a week?

Currently, the lowest cost to hire a car in Cyprus for a week is 70 EUR/59 GBP in Larnaca, 69 EUR/58 GBP in Paphos, and 74 EUR/63 GBP in Nicosia.

Why is car hire so expensive in Cyprus?

Rental cars may be pricier during the high summer season; companies can’t meet the exponentially increased demand caused by the larger tourist flow on the island. The lack of a railway network and, as a result, less competition in transport services also contribute to an increase in demand.

You can avoid hefty price tags if you book in advance at A local provider, Aida, and many major international brands offer discounts for early reservations! This strategy saves 30-70% of your travel budget.

Do I need an insurance green card?

According to a statement dated 2nd August 2021, the EU Commission waived the need to use an insurance green card for travelling to Cyprus and other EU countries.

What documents do I need to hire a car in Cyprus?

Be sure you comply with the company policies and carry the necessary documents. These include a driver's licence, passport or ID card, credit card, and confirmation voucher. EU and UK licences don’t require any accompanying paperwork, but if your licence is issued in a different country, provide an international driving permit.

Keep in mind that car hire in Cyprus without a credit card is also possible, as numerous agencies give the green light to debit cards under extra conditions.

What are the speed limits here?

Cyprus driving regulations involve certain speed limits: in populated areas, the maximum legal speed is 50 km/h, on country roads - 65 km/h, and 80 km/h on national roads. When you enter a motorway, you must drive no faster than 100 km/h but no slower than 65 km/h to avoid a fine.

What is special about parking in Cyprus?

Parking can be difficult during peak periods - July to August - in major metropolitan areas such as Larnaca, Limassol, and Nicosia. The cost of street parking is about 2 EUR (1.6 GBP) per hour, which you pay using a parking metre. In garage spaces, you'll pay 2-3 EUR (1.6-2.4 GBP) for half a day.